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"...IQ Associates, Agostino Gemmiti and his colleagues have been providing training in our project towards our goal of implementing a Quality Management System in compliance with the International Standards Organization specification known as ISO9000. Their efforts and depth of knowledge have been invaluable towards this goal..."

"...methodologies and attention to detail employed by this firm have been well received and highly respected by our employees, from the president of the company and top management, to our hourly workers, as well as by our customers."

"Just recently, the Boeing Corporation, one of our major customers, has reviewed our progress. They were highly impressed by the changes and systems that we have implemented, all thanks to the guidance and training provided to us by IQ."

"...we had interviewed two other organizations recognized by the State of New York as ISO9000 training providers. Though they were obviously competent organizations, we had selected IQ Associates because of their depth of knowledge and many years of experience in actually assessing hundreds of companies to the requirements of this standard. We felt that the best organization to be able to teach us and guide us was one who was once involved in actually assessing a company's compliance to this standard."

"The service that IQ Associates provides ultimately not only benefits the companies that employ them, but will also benefit the economic and technological strength of our state and our country."

"...Our audit went very well. The Auditor found only one minor CAR- in calibration. And, you had brought up the issue and we we already working on a solution..."

"...Thank you for the high quality of your audits. We have consistently done well with our audits and I attribute much of that to your efforts. I look forward to our continued relationship..."